Download 888Starz App – apk for Android and iOS version


888Starz App Download for Android and iOS

For the convenience of betting on sports and spinning the reels of slot games on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, 888Starz provides several options. The first one is 888Starz Mobile Version. The mobile version of the site automatically opens when you log in to the portal from your mobile device. This is a convenient solution for users who prefer not to install an additional app.

Users of Android devices can download 888Starz App from the official source. This ensures reliability and security while using it. For iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices, a beta version of the app is available for download via TestFlight from the App Store.

888Starz Mobile App

A world of betting in your smartphone

Enjoy the best way to place bets on sports and get instant access to casino games and advanced live streaming on your device.


  • Visit our website and use your device's camera to scan the QR code provided to download the app.
  • Please follow these steps to download the APK file.
  • Once the download is complete, open the app and complete the entire process.

888Starz App Review

Established in 2020, our company’s app has swiftly ascended the ranks as one of the most promising young crypto programs across the global landscape. True to the essence of our primary site, this iteration thrives on our innovative Tron-based token framework. This distinctive attribute empowers us to embrace a multitude of prompt banking solutions and introduce unparalleled offerings.

For instance, the app injects thousands of sizzling sports events into its repertoire daily, while granting entry to a cherished array of casino games: from the allure of slot machines to the allure of card-based titles. To delve deeper into the intricacies of our program, a comprehensive overview is presented in the following table:

APK size 60 MB
Full application size 85-160 MB
Cost Free
Supported operating systems Android, iOS
Payment options 35+ crypto tokens, 15+ electronic wallets, credit and debit cards
Mobile Customer Support Live Chat, Hotline, Email
Available services Sports Betting, Online Casino
Mobile Welcome Bonus +100% in free funds, 20% bonus bet
888Starz App Download source App Store, official website
License Official Curacao License

Benefits for 888 Starz Mobile Users


  • Extensive array of sports events
  • Abundance of payment systems
  • The 888Starz app accommodates cryptocurrency
  • The app can be translated into various languages
  • The welcome bonus boasts a significantly larger size

888Starz App Advantages and Disadvantages

We’ve outlined the key advantages and drawbacks of the 888Starz app in the following sections.

Pros Cons
Customer support is accessible round-the-clock Restricted variety of sports accessible for live betting
Bonuses offered for both casinos and bookmakers Does not accommodate VISA credit cards
Sports events are refreshed and incorporated on a daily basis
Players deposit and withdraw funds via the app, utilizing cryptocurrencies
Platform and game content are licensed
Swift communication with customer support
The app is translatable into over 60 other languages
A betting constructor is accessible

888starz APK Download in 3 Easy Steps


Start downloading 888Starz app

Obtaining the 888Starz apk involves a straightforward process, detailed in these three simple steps outlined in our guide. It's essential to emphasize that the most dependable and secure source for downloading the 888Starz app is the official website. Click on the "Download Application" button situated in the header of our website, or alternatively, follow the provided direct link.

Download 888starz APK File

Choose the suitable version that aligns with your needs. Click on the Android button located at the top of the page or directly follow the steps outlined in these instructions to initiate the download. Permit your device to proceed with the file download. This will commence the process of downloading the 888Starz APK onto your device.


Install the Client

Once the download has finalized, proceed to open the acquired file and affirm the installation. This step will take a few additional seconds to complete. Once the installation is finished, a shortcut will materialize on your device's desktop. Through this shortcut, you can effortlessly launch the client and embark on your betting journey.

Download 888Starz App for iOS

Open the website

For Apple device users, including iPhone and iPad, the prospect of downloading the application and engaging in betting is equally available. Achieving this involves a straightforward sequence of actions. Initiate any of the browsers accessible on your device and navigate to our official website. Subsequently, proceed to the application page, which can be accessed through this link.


Choose an app for iOS

Opt for the iOS app and tap the corresponding button. This action will lead you to the registration page tailored for iOS devices. Proceed to navigate through the registration process or simply log in to your existing account.

Install the app

Access your account and locate the option to download the iOS app. Execute the installation process for the program. Upon completion of the download, the client will be visible on your device's home screen, enabling you to effortlessly log in using your designated username and password.


Account Registration via the App


  • 1. Download the app
  • 2. Open the program
  • 3. Utilize the Register tab
  • 4. Enter your data
  • 5. Confirm your email
  • 6. Start betting

888Starz Mobile Website Overview

Should downloading our app prove challenging, you can seamlessly transition to betting through our official website. Designed with adaptability in mind, the pages effortlessly conform to your smartphone’s screen dimensions. This allows you to conveniently access and utilize the mobile version of the site.

To harness the web version of 888Starz, simply launch your smartphone’s browser, navigate to the official website, log in to your account, make deposits as needed, and readily commence your betting endeavors. This user-friendly approach ensures uninterrupted access to our offerings, regardless of your preferred method of engagement.

Differences Between the 888Starz App and the Official Mobile Website

Fundamentally, there exists a remarkable parity between the two versions. The gamut of game features remains consistent across both platforms. The array of bets, spanning in number and variety, maintains uniformity, mirroring the equivalence in bonuses and the array of available payment methods. However, an intrinsic distinction does indeed emerge.

Mobile App Mobile Website
Necessary for download and installation Engage in gameplay directly through the browser
Enhanced page loading speed Pages load at a sluggish pace
Originally crafted design tailored for smartphones Design is adaptable, catering to various screen sizes
Conserves battery life efficiently Drains battery rapidly

In either scenario, a robust level of security is ensured. On the website, data is safeguarded through SSL certificate encryption. Conversely, the application employs internal encryption algorithms coupled with a secure connection to fortify its protective measures.

How to get a welcome bonus at 888Starz App?

To assist newcomers in enhancing their initial account funding and to extend a warm greeting to those embracing the 888Starz Download sportsbook, we present two exceedingly generous Welcome rewards:

  • A 100% deposit multiplier, effectively doubling your transaction value.
  • A 20% free bet, affording you the chance to place a wager without any cost.

These incentives aim to enrich your introductory experience and emphasize our commitment to making your journey with us truly rewarding.


  • 1. Download and install the Apk file.
  • 2. Initiate the program and select the "Register" tab.
  • 3. Input your personal details and establish your profile.
  • 4. Choose one of the available welcome gifts.
  • 5. Transfer real funds to trigger your bonus.
  • 6. Engage in betting activities to fulfill the rollover requirements.
  • 7. Withdraw your winnings and claim bonuses tailored for active users.

Available Banking Methods

With our DeFi sportsbook featuring its own Tron-based cryptocurrency token, individuals across the globe gain the advantage of employing over 35 virtual currencies for swift deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Moreover, our app extends the convenience of Visa and MasterCard transfers for all users. However, it’s essential to note that these traditional methods might entail longer processing times compared to the rapidity of cryptocurrency operations.

For those opting for alternative avenues, the 888Starz Apk version accommodates over 15 virtual wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

Inclusivity is a hallmark, as our platform maintains remarkably low minimum deposit and cashout thresholds: a mere $1 per transaction suffices. This ensures accessibility for users of varying financial backgrounds.

Payment method Minimum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal Fees Transfer Time
Debit/Credit cards $2 No Instant Deposits

Withdrawals – 20 minutes

Electronic Wallets $1-10 $2-10 No Instant Deposits

Withdrawals – 20 minutes

eVouchers $10 No Instant Deposits

Withdrawals – 20 minutes

Digital payment systems $5 $10 No Instant Deposits

Withdrawals – 20 minutes

Crypto $1–50 $1–70 No Instant Deposits

Withdrawals – 20 minutes

How to Begin Using the 888Starz App?

While prospective players are welcome to explore the offerings of our 888Starz gaming app without registration, the utilization of our services necessitates an active profile. To fully engage in real-money betting and unlock access to our array of offerings, the initial step is to establish a personalized account.

How to update 888Starz application to new version?

For those on iOS, worry not, as regular automatic updates for the app will seamlessly arrive through the App Store. Your iPhone will be constantly equipped with the latest version, hassle-free. For Android users aiming to update the app, the most recent Apk file is readily accessible on the homepage of our main website. The process is straightforward:

  • Navigate to the website and locate the Download segment.
  • Opt for the desired updated version.
  • Reinstall the Apk file and launch the app.
  • Log back into your account and embark on your gaming journey.

This process ensures that Android users remain up-to-date and continue to enjoy the latest features and enhancements without any complexities.

888Starz App Support

A standout feature within the 888Starz app is its robust customer support system. In the course of your journey, you might encounter moments when professional assistance becomes paramount. In recognition of this, 888Starz has assembled a dedicated team of experts, poised to provide the aid you require.

Accessing support is a breeze, with options encompassing email, live chat, phone assistance, and engagement through social media channels. The swiftest and most accessible avenue is the online chat, where an agent’s response is just a minute away.

For those who opt for the written route, email addresses for both customer support and security matters are readily available on the website. Expect a response time of up to 48 hours for emails. Meanwhile, for those who prefer the personal touch, a helpline number is provided, connecting you directly with an agent.

To stay abreast of the latest updates and pertinent information, follow the platform on its social media handles. This way, you’ll be among the first to receive all the new and relevant insights.

888Starz Sports Betting Options

A standout attribute of our mobile app is its comprehensive inclusion of all the sports featured on the 888Starz desktop platform. This ensures that both seasoned participants and newcomers alike can indulge in an extensive array of offerings, ranging from traditional sports to virtual simulations and even the realm of esports.

Among the most sought-after subsections are: Football, Tennis, Cricket, eFootball, Dota2, Basketball, Horse racing, Boxing. This diversity caters to a wide spectrum of sporting preferences, guaranteeing a fulfilling experience for every user, be it a fervent sports enthusiast or someone venturing into new sporting territories.


888Starz Casino App


  • Slots: A treasure trove of slot machines fashioned by a myriad of developers. The outcome of spins is governed by an intricate random number generator,
  • Live Casino: Immerse yourself in the world of live-dealer table games, orchestrated in real time. This dynamic experience adds an interactive layer to traditional casino games.
  • Miscellaneous: Embracing the games that don't fit into the aforementioned categories. This compilation includes the likes of bingo, virtual sports, TV-themed games, and more.


Experience the 888Starz app, a seamlessly integrated and feature-packed addition to your smartphone. Unveiling a user experience identical to the official website, the app boasts remarkable speed. Players enjoy unrestricted access to a plethora of options, embracing both the bookmaker’s office and online casino. Engage in “Live streaming” and a plethora of other functionalities.

Installing the application is a breeze, requiring minimal time and presenting a straightforward process. This is a commendable aspect of 888Starz, sparing users from the hassle of convoluted download procedures.


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